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Learning by doing/experimenting is the purpose behind the Science laboratories, here the students are getting answers for their "How" questions. Practical experience will help them to conceptualize their knowledge. Our science lab is very much ventilated and naturally illuminated. Freedom is given to them to re-explore scientific facts.

All equipments related to physical chemistry and life sciences are provided. Self exploring projects are given to widen their understanding.

Language Lab

To enhance the language proficiency among children as well as to develop their listening skills, KRM public school has a well equipped language lab with latest software that contains all the tools to improve the native accent learning process and students respond to it well.

Maths Lab

With the help of a simple Mathematical structures and hand activities children are learning complex concepts in a simpler way with better understanding.


Every student of our school is a member of our school library. So during their leisure time they are advised to make use of library to enhance their reading habit. About 6 science magazines, 25 children magazines and many dailies of multiple languages are being subscribed. There are about 5000+ books representing various titles are adorning the book shelves. Book issues happening regularly and the students are given maximum two weeks time to return the books. Previous month magazines are also given for home reading.

The library is helping the children to carry out their book based activities like book review, open book tests and so on. Dailies and other magazines are helping them to do their projects, seminars, report writing and debates. Students are encouraged to submit articles for class wise monthly magazines.

Video Library

Videos of various events and descriptions to support the visual and auditory learners are equipped with nearly 300 collections of various CD’s.


This is to cater the breakfast, lunch and in between snacks needs of children and working staff. Homely, delicious, healthy, hygienic food items are provided during break times.

All food stuffs served here is naturally made and age appropriate nutritive.


Our transport system has an inbuilt GPS that helps parent to easily locate the exact location of the vehicle. Parents receive SMS when the bus departs from the school and an alert SMS few minutes before the bus arrives at the bus stop.

Bus Routes

Routes Places
Route1 KRM Manali
Route1A KRM Madhavaram - Mathur
Route2 KRM Vinayagapuram
Route2A KRM Villivakkam
Route3 KRM Ayanavaram
Route3A KRM Doveton
Route4 KRM Sowcarpet
Route5 KRM Vyasarpadi
Route5A KRM Perambur


Our admin office is located at the new campus Block:No:11, Shanthi Nagar, 2nd lane, Sembium, Perambur, Chennai.

New campus is located in a serene environment of more than 50 grounds and it accommodates our growing school in a pleasant way.